A Dickie A Day

What is it?

A Dickie A Day is a project by artist Celine Mcilmunn in which she made a portrait of prolific actress Kate Dickie every day during January 2021.

Here’s a short video of the portraits.  You can see the individual artworks and bid for them here at the auction page


All the successful bidders should have received an email from us by now.
If you haven’t received yours yet then please check your spam bucket.  Otherwise get back in touch and leave a contact number.

But before you go to the auction page you should read below for the instructions.


Apart from “art for art’s sake”, is there a reason behind it?

At the end of January and until midnight on 14th February 2021, all the artworks will be available to buy via a silent auction on this website, with the full proceeds going towards the purchase of a new power-chair for Celine’s friend Danni who has difficulty using public transport with the chair she currently has.

So, not only will the world be a better place for having the addition of all those daily Dickies, but life will be a wee bit easier for Danni and her family.

Every original, unique portrait will be signed by Celine on the back.

What does Kate Dickie have to say about all this?

We asked her and she sent us this message.

Cheers, Kate, you’re a diamond xx

I want one! How do I bid?

Here’s the auction page

But you should read this first.

Anyone can bid on any of the items by simply sending an email to adickieaday(the at sign goes in here)onelifeonesuit.com stating the number and name of the portrait they wish to bid for and the amount they want to bid in UKP (£).
The current bids will be regularly updated here, so check back frequently to make sure you haven’t been outbid!


The winning bidders will be informed by email and, with their permission, their names will be published on this website as soon as possible after 14th Feb.


Payment arrangements will be agreed with each winner at the close of the auction, but ideally payment will be made into a bank account that we’ve set up specifically for this project.  All accounts will be as transparent as possible.
If you have any questions then please contact adickieaday(the at sign goes in here)onelifeonesuit.com


We’ve never done anything like this before, so if there’s a better way to go about it then please let us know.


Of course, even if your bid is unsuccessful or in the unlikely scenario that you don’t want to bid on any of the portraits (as if), you might consider a donation anyway because you’re a wonderful person 🙂


Following on from a suggestion by a friend we’ve had a small run of posters made up.
That’s the poster at the top of this webpage.
They’re A3 in size, professionally printed on quality 200gsm paper with a silk finish and we’re giving them away for FREE to anyone who puts in a successful bid of £50 or more.
For everyone else they’re available to buy for £10 each, which includes postage & packaging within the UK.   If you’re outside the UK please send details to adickieaday(the at sign goes in here)onelifeonesuit.com and we’ll work out the postage.

All money received from poster sales up to the end of the auction at midnight on Sunday 14th Feb 2021 will go to Danni’s fundraiser.

Hooray!  I won!  What now?

The unframed original portraits will be sent to the winning bidders by post.  There may be an additional cost for postage & packaging, especially if you’re bidding from outside mainland Britain, but we’ll do our best to keep this to a minimum.
If you’re local i.e. within a reasonable driving distance of Glasgow, and if Covid-19 restrictions allow, then we’ll even consider delivering them ourselves.

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