COVID-19 – what a way to spend summer

What a bizarre year it’s been so far.  We’re only now tentatively easing ourselves out of lockdown and onelifeonesuit’s main source of revenue, the live events industry, has been well and truly battered, leaving many – if not most – events companies wondering what the future holds.
But if there’s any positive outcome from the COVID lockdown it’s that it gave us the opportunity to complete the feature-length documentary we had been gathering interviews for since January 2019.
It’s yet to find a permanent home but we have had very positive feedback from a major distributor and are optimistic about a release next year, as part of  a high-profile BluRay release.
We also made a couple of short films while in lockdown, lots of music, and edited a music video for LockDan, a talented Steely Dan tribute band.

Starcache, our feature film collaboration with Artisani, is now available to view on Amazon Prime.  What are you waiting for?

And suddenly it’s March…

Springtime is upon us and onelifeonesuit is as busy as ever. A visit to Malta in January resulted in some very useful footage and an interview for our documentary in progress, and also presented us with another job opportunity.
We were delighted to return to Malta in February to create video and motion graphic inserts for an innovative and controversial theatre piece called Apotheosis.

Speaking of the documentary, we also managed to grab an exclusive interview with a famous and highly respected film writer/director, so we’re excited to see what happens in the edit.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that Artisani’s feature film “Starcache”, which we entirely post-produced and scored, is to be made available via a major streaming service.
Our short film “Acheron”, in collaboration with Artisani, was previewed in Glasgow at The Rum Diaries Presents…
“It was the stuff of nightmares, presented in the immersive, fragmented style of a nightmare. Excellent in its disorientating ghastliness.”

Other recent jobs included broadcast camera work for the European Athletics Championships and a short but intense tour of Scotland to shoot interviews for a civil engineering project.

November already?

Good grief!  Where has the time gone?

Since creating this website we’ve been absolutely rammed with work including loads of camera work for corporate events and award ceremonies (Scottish Bar & Club Awards, SLTN Awards, ETAG, Ayrshire Chamber Awards, ROCCOs), Glasgow Xmas Lights Switch-0n & many more) and we’ve even made motion graphic opening stings for a few of them (London Transport Awards, Nature of Scotland Awards, SLTN, Scottish Grocers Federation).  We’ve created time-lapse videos for various clients and we’ve been to Berlin for a week of intense editing.

This year we also completed the post-production and music for the micro-budget slasher-horror-comedy-geocaching feature film “Starcache”, in association with Artisani Productions, and just this weekend we wrapped on the shoot of a short film, “Acheron”, also with Artisani.  onelifeonesuit will once again be responsible for all aspects of post-production on this project, including sound design and music composition/recording.

We’re currently post-producing short videos for 3 high-profile international clients.

We’re looking forward to taking a break over Xmas and New Year but the diary for next year is already beginning to fill up with exciting new projects, including work in Barcelona, a new short film and a very special documentary.

Right, enough chit-chat.  Back to work 🙂