And suddenly it’s March…

Springtime is upon us and onelifeonesuit is as busy as ever. A visit to Malta in January resulted in some very useful footage and an interview for our documentary in progress, and also presented us with another job opportunity.
We were delighted to return to Malta in February to create video and motion graphic inserts for an innovative and controversial theatre piece called Apotheosis.

Speaking of the documentary, we also managed to grab an exclusive interview with a famous and highly respected film writer/director, so we’re excited to see what happens in the edit.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that Artisani’s feature film “Starcache”, which we entirely post-produced and scored, is to be made available via a major streaming service.
Our short film “Acheron”, in collaboration with Artisani, was previewed in Glasgow at The Rum Diaries Presents…
“It was the stuff of nightmares, presented in the immersive, fragmented style of a nightmare. Excellent in its disorientating ghastliness.”

Other recent jobs included broadcast camera work for the European Athletics Championships and a short but intense tour of Scotland to shoot interviews for a civil engineering project.